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Have you ever been told that failing is a bad thing? What if I were to explain to you why failing is a good thing. You will call me crazy and have me admitted to the asylum. But before you do that, let me explain myself by continuing to read below.

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Try Again

why failing is a good thing

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again.” Ever heard that quote? Well, I guess it depends on who you ask, but it was from the late Robert the Bruce (weird name, I know) William Edward Hickson or Thomas H Palmber, but whoever coined the phrase was on the right track.

The point of this is that when you fail, you MUST, get back up fast and try again. I know this is easier said than done, but this step is critical to success. All the greats alive not and many that have passed on, will tell you the same thing. Once it clicks that failure is the only way to true success, then, you will begin to enjoy the journey.

Learn From A Baby

Think about this, when a person is born, they are fresh and new to this world. No one has preconceived junk programmed into their minds or subconscious that tells them they can’t do it or to give up.

If so, we’d all be slithering on our bellies as adults due to giving up on trying to walk. When a toddler is first learning to walk, they fall, fall and fall again. Do you see them crying and giving up? NO, you see them smiling and laughing and trying again because its all about the journey and not the process.

If you take it from a baby’s standpoint, then, you will see clearly why failing is a good thing. Keep this concept in mind every time you think about trying something new, but your mind gets you to think about the “what ifs” regarding failure and defeat so that you can overcome them and conquer and eliminate those negative beliefs we all have.

Set A Great Solid Foundation

why failing is a good thing

Another way to look at failing as a good thing is by adjusting how you think about it. If you notice that successful people who’ve failed for years seem to be happy and grateful, you might want to dig a bit deeper into their stories, most will have similar conclusions.

When a person fails, it helps build a strong character and helps you become a better version of yourself that has more patience, appreciation, wisdom, grace, gives back to the community, and wants to encourage and teach others to do the same.

Your best self will be produced during your most challenging times and not the good times. Anyone can live through good times because it doesn’t take any special skill or training to do so. It’s the challenging and touch times that builds our best character and helps us deal with future challenges with ease and grace.

One of my most favorite people, still living today, is Bob Proctor. If you don’t know who he is, stop reading this blog and go find videos of him immediately. The way he speaks and how he transforms his words into living beings helps you to not only envision what he is saying but to be able to actually feel it as well. Bob once said, if your goals don’t scare you and excite you at the same time, then, you are not dreaming big enough. Powerful yet so true.

If you want to learn about how not to let fear control you, click here.

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Fail With Grace

why failing is a good thing

Now that we have a good understanding why failing is a good thing and how we should fail with grace, now what? Whenever we are making our minds up about some type of new goal to set and achieve, we MUST know that it will come with challenges and stress. This is not to be taken in a bad light, if we know that by failing, we are actually creating small increments of success, then, we can set our minds up for success rather than defeat.

Going back to our example of how babies don’t give up when trying to learn how to walk, if se set our minds up that we will fail, when trying something new, then we will remind ourselves of all of those graceful sacrificial falls we took that was needed in order for us to learn how to stabilize on our 2 feet. Think about athletes and gymnasts and how amazing they are when performing their sports. Didn’t they start off crawling, then falling, then walking, then once that was mastered went to try something more advance and didn’t they have many failures before becoming amazing at their respective sports?

If one can wrap his/her mind around this very basic concept, then, anything put in from of them will be conquered and mastered in no time. You will look back on these times and realize how blessed you must have been to be given the spirit of persistence and not defeat.

After You Reach Your Goal: Is That It?

You’ve worked so hard to get to where you are today, and can remember very vividly and clearly, the roadblocks that helped you learn to use different parts of your mind and spirit which allowed you to navigate through those tough times.

But, what happens after you reach your initial goal that you set for yourself? The answer varies on a personal level, but the secret is that, now, you work on another goal and another one after that. The key is that you never stop learning or growing or challenging yourself. It’s the only way to keep building physical, spiritual and mental muscle to help you serve a meaning purpose while on this lovely planet.

We all have one life to live, at least that we know of, and Let’s live it by having no regrets, challenging our beings to become the greatest version of ourselves and never stop learning and growing and creating new and exciting skills.

You will look back, after a few years, and remember to yourself why failing is a good thing.

6 thoughts on “Why Failing Is A Good Thing”

  1. Thanks for sharing, someone once said that” failure is wisdom for tomorrow” it opens our eyes and makes the journey to success much more clear shedding light on where we missed and what we should be doing. There are so many success stories and dreams that came true simply because of failures.

    1. Thank you Norman for your wise thoughts. I totally agree with you. I feel that many times in early life/school we are programmed to feel the opposite but once we break-through those limiting beliefs, greatness is on the other side waiting for us.

  2. A nice article that I can definitely relate to. It can definitely be challenging at times to pick yourself up after failing at something, but what I have realised is that by having a strong “why” as to the journey that I have embarked on, or the goal that I want to achieve, can act as an extremely strong anchor point. Revisiting my why always puts the situation back into context and allows me to maintain my motivation levels and focus. Sadly society is being programmed for instant gratification and reward, however what I have discovered is that anything worthwhile in life doesn’t come easily, it takes an awful lot of effort, dedication, perseverance and acceptance that failure will be part of the process.

    1. Love this response Paul. I could not agree more. I believe once we can get ourselves to where we want to be, it’s our jobs to go back and lift more people up and deprogram them of these false reality society puts us in.

  3. I agree failing is a good thing because it shows you are on the court engaging and not on the sidelines. The only caveat is the importance of making course corrections along the way and not to continue to repeat the same mistakes.

    1. Thanks Joseph. I totally agree with you. Adjusting your course after failing a few times, over time, will ensure success eventually. Thanks for leaving a comment.

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