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You may have heard of Webtalk, but still not sure what it is or if it’s worth the trouble to create an account. Well, you are in luck, because in today’s blog we will do a quick Webtalk Review.

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Webtalk Overview

Webtalk is a new social media platform that is sort of like combining Facebook and LinkedIN together but also adds a compensation twist to it as well.

You can post videos, photos, tags, just as you would any other social media platform but, with Webtalk, you can also use this platform to post to your other major social media platforms all from one place, pretty cool right?

You can see, by the screenshot below, this is the preview page of a post I was drafting and as you can see below you have the option to select other social media icons to post sinmultaneously .

Another great feature of Webtalk is that when you are connecting and following people, you have the option to add them to your personal network or your professional network. Your contacts will only see what you want them to see whether it’s from the professional side or the personal side or both if you’d prefer.

Webtalk Review in 2021

How To Earn Points With Webtalk

Webtalk uses proprietary technology to award the most points to those who produce the most engaging content, and refer members who produce the most engaging content.

The great thing about this Webtalk review in 20201, is that ALL account activity earns points. Here are some breakdowns of how to earn points.

So, it really does pay to be on social media. Next time your parents ask you if you are wasting time on social media, you can tell them that you are earning money by being on it, their mouths will drop wide open and be speechless.

Webtalk Review in 2021

How To Earn Cash With Webtalk

What other social media platform pays you to promote them and spend time on them? I am waiting..

Webtalk Review in 2021

Leadership Of Webtalk

RJ Garbowicz – Founder, CEO and Chairman

Andrew Peret – Cofounder, CTO

Basit Hussain, PhD – Cofounder, Chief Architect & Scientist

Jeff Catherell – Cofounder, CBO

Jamie Pews, CPA, MBA – Cofounder, VP of Fiance and Admin

Final Thoughts

Webtalk is still in the beta testing stage, but you can still sign up for a FREE account and earn rewards before the official launch, sometime in the near future. I would recommend Webtalk to anyone who loves to be on the front end of innovation and new technology and who would love to earn money while browsing social media.

8 thoughts on “Webtalk Review, Does this still exist?”

  1. I have really never heard about Webtalk ever, never too old to learn, with this that you’ve provided comprehensively, I certainly will check this out. Two questions, how do the pay? or what Method do they use to pay who earn off the platform? do they pay or is it valid in every country? Thanks much

    1. Hey Earl,

      Yeah, when I first heard about Webtalk, I was amazed as well as I had never heard about it either. Here are the methods used to pay
      Stripe, Payoneer, Webtalk Credits, Paypal, Coinbase, TransferWire. Right now, Stripe and Payoneer are the methods that are available and the other ones are coming soon. Yes, webtalk is available in many countries. There are millions of people on here from around the world.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Norman. I did the same, when I first heard about Webtalk. I did some research and decided to create my free account. Glad to be of service.

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