Are you seeking the answer to your money problems? Do you have the money mindset needed for creating success and abundance? Well if not, let’s go on a journey and discover how to get one. WEEEeeee!!!

What Is The Money Mindset?

Simply put, it’s a mindset that allows you to attract what you want in life, including money. Now, I know that this may sound super crazy, but it is true. You become the thoughts that you think about most of the time.

If you think about negative thoughts and being in debts, then, you will attract more of it into your life. The same goes the other way, if you think about having positive thoughts and an overflowing bank account that allows you to have all of your bills paid in full, then, you will start to attract the habits in life needed to fulfill this desire/dream into reality.

How To Develop A Mindset For Success

Developing the mindset needed to create success is the easy part, but sustaining it, for the long-term, is where the challenge comes into play. Here are some basic easy tips, that you can work on, to develop this type of mindset.

  1. Wake up early in the morning
  2. Read educational and inspirational books, podcasts, videos, audio books, etc 
  3. Develop daily habits that leads to success
  4. Meditate and clear you mind letting infinite intelligence (God) beam wisdom into your mind, body and soul
  5. Write down affirmations and things you are grateful for everyday
  6. Think positive thoughts about receiving money and abundance instead of lack and negativity

If you can really focus on the above tips, you will start to attract many great things into your life. It may seem like random events, at first, but you will soon realize that it’s your thoughts and habits which have attracts these changes into your life.

Creating A Website For Business


You may want to begin to think about creating a blog to make money as one idea. Creating a mindset for business success is a must in order for you to be able to succeed. I know, I know, you were expecting to see a “That was Easy” button.

The reality check is that you can just sit around all day expecting money and great things to just fall out of the sky onto your lap. You do need to put in the work as well in order for this to kick into full force. You can start by creating a free website to help with setting your mind up for success.

Also, by doing so, you will start to learn the habits needed in order to manifest success and abundance into your life by managing and learning how to run a website as a business owner. You can even start a journal type blog that logs your every day and keeps you accountable. This will be visible online and others will be able to see it and read it and Who Know, you may end up inspiring someone else to change their trajectory in life.

How To Change Your Mindset For Success

Above, I gave you 6 tips to developing a mindset for success, now we will discuss how to change your mindset for success. It can seem like the same thing, confusing I know, but when you really break it down, there are multiple steps to take in order to keep your mind filled with positive vibrational energy throughout the day and not lose sight of it.

Even while practicing the above 6 tips, you will have days that will consume you with:

  1. Fear
  2. Self-Doubt
  3. Anxiety
  4. Discouragement
  5. Weakness 
  6. Depression 

So, once you learn to change your mindset, when these thoughts and feeling start to creep in, you’ll be able to have an automatic defense mechanism activate to block them.

One way to change your mindset and gear it for success is to surround yourself around positive, like-minded, goal oriented people. When you do this, you will be filled with encouragement and motivation to keep pushing forward to accomplish your own dreams and goals.

This is going to sound crazy but when you start to get negative thoughts into your mind, immediately replace them with positive happy thoughts. Pretty much, think of the opposite of the negative thought that is creeping up and you will develop the skill to recognize very quickly and eradicate it.

Abundance Is Your Birthright

Think of all the grains of sand on the beaches of the world and of all the stars in the sky. That is how much abundance is available to us, which means, that there is enough to go around for everyone to enough without having to try to get over on other people. We are all meant to help each other out and also create wealth and happiness as well.

When you are developing your mindset for success, just remember to have fun and enjoy the journey not the destination. If you focus on serving others and being grateful with what you have, then, you will create success without it seeming like work.

Just remember we are all entitled to abundance as God’s gift to us, so don’t worry about how long it will take for you to achieve your personal success. Think about the person you are becoming while you are on this magically journey in life.

In Closing

The money mindset is something that should be practiced every day, because like a muscle it needs to continually be worked out or you will lose the gains of it. Keep on reading positive, inspirational books, networking with like minds, speaking affirmations to yourself and never, ever, ever stop or give up.

Failure is part of the success process and once you master this concept, you will be excited to fail because you’ll know that you are one step closer to your victory.

When that time comes, and you to hit that victory, you can set the next goal and achieve that. Never stop learning and challenging yourself.

4 thoughts on “The Money Mindset: Manifest Unlimited Abundance”

  1. Hello there thanks for shearing this awesome and mind blowing article on the mindset of making money,  without a second thought this article has really thought us a lot on how to think of success and how it works.given this 6tips(Wake up early in the morning
    Read educational and inspirational books, podcasts, videos, audio books, etc 
    Develop daily habits that leads to success
    Meditate and clear you mind letting infinite intelligence (God) beam wisdom into your mind, body and soul
    Write down affirmations and things you are grateful for everyday
    Think positive thoughts about receiving money and abundance instead of lack and negativity)of developing your mindset is really helpful.

    1. So glad that you have enjoyed this Kelvin. Thank you for sharing your amazing insights. You are successful and will create even more abundance very soon.

  2. Mindset is important. But there are so many variables that we can’t control. I do not believe abundance is our birthright. I do believe that actions have consequences and if we row in one direction we will get to a specific location.

    I am highly encouraged to make it online. It seems to be my only opportunity now, since I have lost my job. I want to start rowing in that direction.

    1. Thank you for your feedback and you will succeed, just keep your mind sharp and focused and never give up no matter what challenges you go through. 

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