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Check out the below amazing guest post by my friend Christine. She gives you an insight on how to live healthy and wealthy. If you would like to see her work, click on one of the links in the article below.

No matter how old you are the number one way to catapult your dreams is through good health. Although it can seem counterintuitive at times taking care of yourself is taking your dreams and actually moving you forward to making them a reality.


In this post we will be covering four reasons why your own health should be a priority when following your dreams.

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Good Health Saves Money

The biggest lie you will ever hear is that good health is expensive. Gym membership rates are through the roof, premade “healthy” dinners can cost as much as going out to eat, and health retreats are out of the question. In reality, none of that is needed at all. Good health is actually a lot simpler than so many make it out to be.


Going for a walk, bodyweight exercises, and even calisthenics cost absolutely nothing, and honestly you don’t need more than that to keep up your general health. Keep your blood flowing and sweat a little everyday, and you will feel better than you ever have before.


As for eating healthy, plenty of companies are making millions selling “healthy”, premade meals which gives the illusion that health is only for those that can afford it. That’s not true. The healthiest foods you can eat are foods in their whole, natural, and unprocessed forms. Coincidentally, those are the cheapest foods you can buy. Brown rice, bananas, carrots, and other foods are among the cheapest ingredients money can buy.


Keeping yourself physically healthy with exercise and foods will save you money later on. Believe it or not the health industry is worth trillions worldwide. As a matter of fact, health insurance is one of the biggest costs for American households and the government. 

Check out the evidence here, here and here

Good health lowers insurance premiums. Also, taking care of yourself now saves you from bills for doctor’s appointments, surgeries, medications, and hospital trips. Instead of handing that money over to doctors you can invest it into your dream.


Good Health Saves Time

Just as with money it is argued that good health costs time. Afterall, who wants to cook dinner after a long day, or go work out. It’s hard, but there are so many ways to save time and make your life easier. Prepping your meals in advance or making enough for leftovers is a great way to have easy meals. All it takes is heating up the oven and throwing in your premade, whole foods, natural dinner.

Working out doesn’t have to take long either. Whether you go for a five minute walk or lift weight for an hour moving is moving. Make a habit of staying active at least once a day and you will quickly see a change in your mental and physical health.


Just as with money, good health saves you time in the medical department. Weekly doctor’s appointments are the fastest way to lose precious time you could be using to building your dream.


Good Health Gives You Energy

Good health gives good energy. There’s not much more to it than that. Try taking a break from your work when you feel like you can’t look at your project another second. Use that time to go for a walk and see how much better you can focus after using your time wisely than if you were to sit on the couch and watch TV. I promise you will feel happier, more productive, highly motivated, and your work will be much better quality. 


Simple breaks like that and eating the right foods for the right energy will completely change your mindset and how you feel every day which is exactly what you need to complete your financial goals. Good Health Teaches Discipline.

Discipline is not an easy thing to learn, especially today when everything is seemingly so instantaneous. The one thing that can not be fast tracked is your health. It will take patience, resilience, and determination. A lot of times you will quit and have to start all over again, even more often it will seem like you are going nowhere. It’s not easy.


If you can’t do this for yourself it will be even harder to chase your dreams. It takes sacrifice sometimes, but you quickly learn the alternative of not moving forward is so much worse. Eventually, it won’t be a sacrifice. It will be something you are happy to do because you will be happy to build yourself up instead of tearing yourself down.

A little discipline and patience goes a long way to succeed.


Without your health there is no way to move your financial dreams forward. From saving time, lowering food costs, gaining motivation, and learning discipline there is no reason to not put yourself first with your health, your dreams, your goals, and your life.

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