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We all know that it can get very frustrating when trying to build a business online in any niche.

Are you considered a hot head when you get angry? Do you feel yourself turning bright red with steam coming out of your ears?

If you are nodding your head up and down to signal a yes confirmation to these questions, then, you’ll want to stay tuned in and keep reading below.

I will present to you 6 soothing tips for staying calm when you get angry:

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Tip #1: Take In A Deep Breathe

When the urge of rage enters your vibrational frequencies of the body, take a deep breath in, hold it for about 6 seconds and let it out slowly, rinse and repeat this process. Neuroscience has proven that when you do take in and let out deep breaths your heart rate will begin to match your breathing, in turn, helping you calm down.

As your mind starts to focus on timing your breathing, you will naturally relax a bit and not have those angry thoughts at the top of your mind any longer and eventually they may subside all together.

Tip #2: Think Of A Positive Memory

There are many positive memories, from which we can choose from, throughout our entire lives. Even just trying to find a positive thought to focus on can help reduce the tense angry that you feel inside.

Remember, when you were a kid? Think of the great memories you had during holiday season, watching your favorite cartoons on TV or just hanging out with friend. You can resurface one of these thoughts to help you calm down. As you remember the past event, your brain doesn’t know reality from a memory, so, your mind will active chemicals in your body to help you embrace that great thought with actual feelings that you stored subconsciously regarding that past event and you will easily melt away the anger.

You may also want to remember an awesome song that you love, and with using modern technology, you can just replay that song and it will get you in a positive mood to just want to sing and dance the anger away.

One more thing you can do is buy some essential oils, such as lavender, that can help you calm down by just smelling them or rubbing a small amount on your body. Even smells that you have locked into your memory which holds great memories with them, you can buy these scents and just keep them around the house or in your car or bag, so when you feel the rage coming on, grab your emergency calming serum and simmer those mad thoughts to deletion.

Tip #3: Take A Walk

Moving your body can help with fluids and circulation get to there they need, in the body, and reduce your anger. Getting fresh air and walking is a good way to keep your mind occupied by looking at the natural beauty all around you.

As you are taking a walk, look up at the sky, if it’s during the day and cloudy, to look at the shape of the clouds to see what you can make of them, this method can help distract your mind as well to start thinking of calming happy thoughts.

One last bonus is that you can go for a hike and get your heart rate up, but in a good way and burn some calories and fat while you are at it.

Tip #4: Workout

Pumping iron and just working out in general can help refocus your mind and use those angry thoughts to lift harder and for longer periods of time. You will definitely work up a sweat and melt off those angry pounds and replace them with firm muscle if you stay committed long enough.

Another tip is to get on a treadmill and run off those angry thoughts. You can set some goals, using the digital display on the treadmill and will be too focused on accomplishing those goals that you won’t have time to let angry occupy your mind, and, you’ll be exhausted catching your breath after as well and will be focused on that too.

Tip #5: Watch Something Funny

Turn on your streaming service, or even YouTube and watch a funny movie or video clip. This will guarantee that you mood changes almost instantly and you’ll fill your belly with laughter so much that you won’t have time to even think about being upset.

This one may be weird, but if you speak out loud in a funny high-pitched voice, that will make you laugh, at yourself, to the point that you will forget all about being angry and may even forget what you were mad at in the first place.

Tip #6: Channel Your Angry Into Production

With all of that built up angry, why not channel it into something productive, like working on a business idea? There are so many problems that need solving out there. You can literally spend hours just thinking about products or services you can start that will help solve some of those problems.

By occupying your mind with this easy but challenging task, you won’t have time to dwell on angry thoughts because you will be too excited and antsy to start working on your businesses and figuring this equation out.

You will look back, after solving this equation, and will be proud of yourself that you were able to accomplish a dream and goal that you set out for yourself.

Final Thoughts

Staying calm, even when you feel anger gets easier over time. Just like a muscle if you practice at it and work it out, you will be able to active the calming side, of yourself, pretty quickly and easily as time goes on.

If you practice gratitude, on a daily basis and really think of things you are truly grateful for, the angry thoughts that come, because they will come due to just being human, but you can keep these feeling at bay and let them consume you or take over your mind.



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