Originally posted on March 29, 2021 @ 2:43 pm

Having someone that has been there, and done that, and also who has made big mistakes can help you avoid, those same mistakes, and teach you how to create success when learning how to make money with an online home based business.

So the question is how do you make money with an online home based business? In this blog, I will go over some important information and steps to help you achieve this goal.

How To Make Money With An Online Home Based Business

Table Of Contents

What’s Needed To Create An Online Business Initially?

When learning how to make money with an online home based business, you first need to know what steps and tools are needed in order to be successful. Below is a list of areas of focus and to consider:

  • The right mindset
  • Have a solid Niche
  • Content Management
  • Web Hosting
  • Keyword Search Tool
  • Email Marketing System
  • Mentorship and Guidance

The above list are just the basics you’d need to start to build momentum and once you begin to make money with your online home based business, then you can consider growing your business by hiring content creators, copywriters, designers, etc. I won’t cover these areas in this blog, but something to consider for future goals.

The Right Mindset

Having the right mindset is essential to creating anything in life. With all endeavors and journeys, in life, we all face challenges and roadblocks. The average person would just give up at the first sign of defeat, but the successful will keep going after being defeated until they achieve victory. Remember, that having the right mindset also means being able to help and serve people without expecting anything in return. You’d be amazed how many people became multi-millionaires following this very method.

The right mindset when learning How To Make Money With An Online Home Based Business will set you up for years of success. Building a mental asset with pay you dividends for decades.

That is why going through personal development is key when developing the right mindset to keep pushing even when times get hard. For this section, I want to leave you with the below quotes to keep in mind and use.

  • “The definition of failure is not failing, it’s quitting” – Winston Churchill
  • “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve” – Napoleon Hill

Have a solid Niche

How To Make Money With An Online Home Based Business

Once you clean up your mindset of all the gunk that has been programming and piling up inside of your subconscious mind and paradigm, then you can select a solid niche that you will become an expert on. The 3 major online money making categories, at the time of writing this blog are health, wealth and relationships.

The niche is a specific area or category that you will focus your business on that will in return help people that has a problem to solve.

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Content & Web Management

How To Make Money With An Online Home Based Business

Once you have a solid niche picked, then you’d want to create a website or blog that will allow you to post relevant information regarding that topic in the form of blogs and reviews and also you’d need a hosting company to host your website on so that people can view the information you are providing. I would recommend using 1 company for both registering your domain like a www.website.com and the same company to host the website on.

Once you have a website up and running, now you are officially in business. You can share and promote your new blog to your network on social media to gain subscribers and readers. Here are a few you can use on your own:

  • Wix
  • Wealthy Affiliate
  • Bluehost
  • HostGator
  • WP Engine
  • Go Daddy

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Keyword Search & SEO Tool

The most successful bloggers and influencers use some type of keyword research & seo tool or service to help them narrow down the specific search phrases and words people are using to find information they are seeking. You can use many services out there.

Having a keyword research tool saves you hours upon hours of work each day trying to find perfect keywords so that you can tend to your blog and keep researching and making it better and better.

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Email Marketing System

How To Make Money With An Online Home Based Business

Once you learn How To Make Money With An Online Home Based Business, this part comes a bit later after you start to build momentum and traction to your blog. Email marketing will be essential to growing and maintaining your online business. You can share newsletters with your subscribers and customers and invite them to exclusive webinars and training hosted by you or a trusted member of your staff.

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Trouble Finding Mentorship And Support

How To Make Money With An Online Home Based Business

Now if you’d like to speed up your process a bit and learn what mistakes not to make and learn what to do from successful people who have been there before you. I would HIGHLY recommend hiring a mentor or consultant to help guide you and give you recommendations on how to continually tweak and adjust things, in your business so that you can improve and reach more people that need your help.

The same mind that got you to where you are today, cannot be the same mind that takes you to the next level in life. You do need guideline and support from experienced online business owners that will provide you with free guidance and tips and you will learn a lot from them and in return, you can help pour the wealth of knowledge into other aspiring minds.

Remember, the people you are looking for are also looking for you.

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How To Make Money With An Online Home Based Business? This was the initial question and hopefully the above tips and recommendations will help you start to create your online brand which in return will inspire and motivate hundreds if not thousands of people to live the life that they were designed for.