How To Be Successful In 2021

Originally posted on January 18, 2021 @ 3:58 pm

How to be successful in 2021 is the question of the year, right? Well, you’re are in luck, because as you read through the below powerful content, you will be ready to take on the world and create abundance for you life and existence.

As you build you legacy, you will be powered up enough to help someone else out as well grow their abundance.

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Embrace The Fear of The Unknown

How many times do you run from something scary? Not physically scary, but mentally scary. As you think about it, you get nervous, heart rate increases, palms and armpits get sweaty and hot and you decide to hit the eject button and abort mission.

What if I were to tell you that fear is much-needed in order to have courage and conquer what is on the other side of that wall.

  • Talk with confidence and know that you are helping you future self achieve you goals in life
  • Remember we all have fears but the ones that can push through it, will see great abundance and success.

Adapt To Change

Like a chameleon, you’d need to adapt to an every changing environment. A lot of times, us, as humans get too comfortable with where we are and how things are to the point that if something were to shift or move, we can’t handle it and complain and kick like a little 2-year old.

As we adapt, think of it as like we are getting additional armor added to our core, sort of like getting power ups and leveling up in a video game.

We mush adapt to learning, unlearning, and relearning throughout our entire lives and set our internal expectations that this will happen. If we can do that, then, when something new or scary comes, we can handle it with no problem.

  • Accept that change is inevitable and embrace it
  • The sooner you can adapt to change the sooner you can move forward

  • Remember that change is a part of our every day, daily lives. Look at technology today vs 50 years ago!

Love Failure

how to become successful in 2021

You may be thinking, how does loving failure help us become successful in 2021? you fail you grow and learn from those failures and become stronger, wiser and more confident in what you are doing to the point where you’d be able to teach someone else how to do it correctly because of you failures.

If we had learned that failure is part of life and expected as kids, I believe that a lot more of us would have accomplished some great things in life and would have not giving up so easily when we did not succeed on the first go around.

  • Remember failing is part of the success process and cycle for everyone
  • Love failure because you know it will lead to success

  • Fail fast and learn from each failure and adjust what you are doing.

Have More Gratitude

how to become successful in 2021

You may not realize this, but gratitude goes a long way. A part of how to become successful in 2021 involves being grateful for the experiences that you are being presented with, because they help you to grow and learn and appreciate the little things in life, while you are on you personal journey of success and abundance.

Gratitude helps get you up in the morning and helps you stay positive when times are difficult and challenging. It also gives you peace of mind and more confidence to take on the world.

  • Write down 3 -6 things you are grateful for every day, keep challenging yourself for new sayings
  • Give thanks to God and this amazing world every day.
  • Remember that there is always someone else who would love to be in you shoes and be grateful for that.

Positive Self-Talk

We may not realize this, but having negative self-talk damages us physically, mentally, financially, socially and spiritually. It’s easy for a lot of us to just say something bad about ourselves, without thinking about it twice because we’ve been doing it for so long.

Changing this paradigm habit will have a domino effect you life and start to trickle over into you business and every other area of you life. It all starts with speaking amazing affirmations about yourself and learning to silence you internal hate.

  • Write down 3 things you like about yourself everyday
  • Speak positive thoughts into you mind everyday

  • Change negative thoughts into positive ones by practicing and noticing when you are becoming negative

Change Your Circle of Influence

how to become successful in 2021

You ever heard the term, you are like the 5 most people that you hang around with? Well, this is true even if you don’t realize it If you hang around people that are not challenging themselves or trying to become better at and in life, you most like won’t try either. Even if you start to try, a lot of people, in you inner circle will make fun of you and most of the time, convince you to quit trying. This is needed in order to become successful in 2021.

Think of the analogy with the crabs in a bucket. When one crab sees the light and way out, it’ll start to climb up towards the top of the bucket to get out and experience freedom. But what usually happens? Another crab will see this and clamp on to the other crab’s leg and pull it back down so that it can be just like everyone else.

Learn to escape the bucket and go against the resistance and climb towards you true calling in life and freedom.

  • Hang around other who have goals and are working to accomplish them
  • Attend networking events to meet these types of people and become friends

Improve Your Overall Health

Ever heard of the saying, you can’t have wealth without health? This is so true, in order to teach you how to become successful in 2021, if you think about it. Think about if you had all the money in the world, but have horrible health habits, how long would you expect to last before you are bed ridden and can’t enjoy the finer things in life?

Keeping yourself healthy with daily activities can ensure that you have a long bill of health for many decades to come. Below are some tips to staying healthy.

  • Exercise a 3-4 times per week to get the heart rate up
  • Meditate daily to clear the mind and renew it
  • Eat healthy meals every day. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables along with some great green tea

Set Nervous Goals

how to become successful in 2021

Bob Proctor once said, If you goals don’t scare you and excite you at the same time, you aren’t dreaming big enough. If you set easy goals, you will never challenge yourself to push harder and become a stronger wiser person.

Setting big goals, which may seem impossible at the time, give you the courage to think outside the box and try new things and new ways to accomplish something. This is how many technologies, which seemed like science fiction 50 years ago, began a reality today. Some tips are:

  • Set goals that you are not an expert in
  • Have an accountability partner that you can tell you goals to
  • Set dates and keep organized with a calendar when achieving you goals.
  • Never stop learning and have fun doing what you love.


Anything worth doing in life will take the below efforts:

  • Time
  • Hard-Work
  • Dedication
  • Focus
  • Determination
  • Inspiration
  • Motivation
  • Goal Setting
  • Taking Action
  • Being Patient
  • Failing

Once you can realize that you will need to make the above bullets a part of you daily life and routine it will become easily to accept and acknowledge what is needed for anyone to become successful at their dreams and desires.

After you accomplish you dreams, you can inspire and teach someone else to do the same and the cycle will continue and never die out and they will also learn how to become successful in 2021 and far beyond.

Have fun and have grace in God and his glory and appreciate each day of life that you are given and you will do ok in this world.

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