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Hate Your Job But Can’t Afford To Quit? This is a powerful emotional touch point that over 87% of people, at least in the US, can relate to.

We are all taught the below:

Hate Your Job But Can't Afford To Quit
  1. Go to school
  2. Get a good education
  3. Get a job with a pension/401K

The above isn’t bad if you want to become a lawyer, doctor or some type of specialist.

But, for everyone in between those types of careers or jobs don’t go down that path. Keep on reading to learn how to break-free from the mundane and take action on life.

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What To Do When You HATE Your Job, But Can’t Afford To Quit?

Hate Your Job But Can't Afford To Quit

Having “golden hand cuffs” pretty much means that you have a good paying job or even just got a good promotion, but you don’t feel fulfilled inside.

From this good paying job, we are all taught, subconsciously to get into crazy debt to where our debt outweighs our income, now, we feel stuck and like being in a prison with the cell door wide open but we tell ourselves that we cannot walk out because it’s too scary outside.

This is a stressful situation because we are not sure what to do or where to go when we feel stuck and we just accept a mundane meaningless life for 30 to 40 years of our lives, then, we have regrets once we are on our death beds.

Hate Your Job But Can’t Afford To Quit is something most thing about, but never take action on.

We MUST snap out of this programmed brainwash that has been passed down to use from family, friends, teachers and so on.

We do have the power to create the type of lives that we want, but we must have courage and strength to keep on pushing and fighting for that sweet freedom that we all dream about while we are at work building someone else’s future instead of our own.

What Do You Want In Life, What Is Your Purpose?

This is a critical internal question you MUST ask yourself and provide an answer to. It may take some time, months even, but you have to answer this question and be very truthful when coming up with answers.

The truth will hurt at times, but it shall set us free and letting go of the E.G.O. can help you have clarity when figuring out what your true purpose is on Earth.

Spend time, daily, writing this out on paper, spend time really thinking about this, meaning what do you want in life? What is your purpose?

You will eventually come to an answer and it will feel good once you break through those multi-layered programs inside of you.

  • Want to be able to control your time and not have someone else dictates what you do with it?
  • Do you want financial freedom so that you can live on your own terms?
  • How about passing financial and educational legacy down to you kids so that they can create their own lives of abundance?
  • Do you want to be able to donate large sums of money to your favorite charity without it hurling the bank?
  • Do you want to be able to give back, in some way, to the community or world? 

Make a list of things you do want and NOT of what you don’t want and physically write these out on a piece of paper. There is something about writing things out on paperwork with a pencil or pen that has unforeseen powers, in a sense, that allows you to drill in and focus on what it is that you really want in life. People are more likely to accomplish their goals, they have set for themselves, if they write it out VS not writing it out. Just a thought!

How To Life Live On My Own Terms: Escape The Prison And Rate Race!

Hate Your Job But Can't Afford To Quit

You MUST educate yourself. This is one of the hardest things to make a habit if you don’t have this skill already built into your daily habits. The good news is that, it can be taught with time, discipline, focus and determination. If you study some of the most successful people in the world, they all have in common that they spend time, every day, reading and educating themselves.

Something else, you’d need to consider is to add successful friends to your world and learn from them. Studies show that you are like the 5 most people you currently hang around the most. Take a quick mental survey and ask yourself the below questions.

  1. Are the people I am hanging around providing real value to my life or are they just “life-suckers” meaning do they drain the life and energy out of you or do they excite you and challenge to pursue more in life?
  2. Is your current circle of influence out achieving their person goals in life, or just wasting away not achieving anything?



Are Habits Really Imporant?

In order for us to be able to live life on our own terms, we MUST replace non-productive habits with productive habits, this is the ultimate key to success. You will quickly notice that the only difference between the successful and non-successful are habits of choice.

People who typically drift through life without every really amounting to or accomplishing anything out of the mundane all have similar habits. Below are some of them:

  • Watch mind numbing television for hours at a time, everyday.
  • Doesn’t read at all for personal use or self-educate themselves
  • Always says things like “I can’t afford it” and just leave it at that
  • Doesn’t write down goals and work towards them

People who are successful typically have the exact opposite of the above, some are:

  • Listen to educational and inspirational podcasts, also includes reading books on the subject they are interested in learning more about so that they can learn a new skill
  • Instead of saying “I can’t” successful people ask, “How can I afford it” and start to research and try out new ideas that will lead them to being able to afford it.
  • Writes down daily goals to accomplish that gets them closer to their goals in life.

Hopefully the above article helps you to start thinking about what you really want out of life and how you can get there.

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To your success in life,




10 thoughts on “Hate Your Job But Can’t Afford To Quit: Feeling Stuck And Helpless?”

  1. A powerful post you have here Gregg and it’s just so cool how you’re able to use words too. I know that many people in the world are not happy with the jobs they have currently and I have even seen statistics on that especially here in the United States but not everyone can really say they can easily quit their jobs like that even though its not a satisfying source of income. Like you said here, it’s important to replace those bad habits.

    1. Thank you Jackie and yes I agree. It’s not easy but if we all work together to help each other get through those limiting beliefs and challenges. We can accomplish anything. You are very abundant, thank you.

  2. This article which is centered on what to do when one hates his job but can’t quit. There are lots of people under this problem and some which I know of. I believe on reading this article, they all would know what to do.. Thank you for sharing this informative article. I would Love to share this post across various social media platforms. Thank you

    1. Thank you so much Leslie, that would be very nice of you. I really do appreciate your kindness. You are a great positive person

  3. This has been a nice motivational post. I agree with you in that most of us are wired to think in a way that all we need is a good job. But I needed to read this because we must be bold to explore out side of this sort of jail. Until now I didn’t have things clear. But your post has guided me where to get started. Thanks.

    1. Thank you so much Ann for your kind words. I am so glad that this post has inspired you. You will do great things.

  4. Its amazing how the majority of the work force are not happy with their jobs. We should do something we love doing that pays well and a great way is by taking advantage of the internet. Many people are doing it and having success and we can do the same also.

  5. Thanks Greg for these great insights. Mindset is so very important and our habits determine our actions and results. Simple to understand but challenging to apply. But it is an inside-out game so in order to get the results, we desire it is imperative that we choose to make some constructive changes in our routines. Your article is very beneficial to lead folks in that direction. All the best.

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