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Analysis Paralysis

Don't Let Fear Control Your Destiny

Don’t let fear control your destiny, but many people let fear talk them out of finding legit ways to make money online. It’s like you know what to do but you get stuck not doing what you know you need to do. 

Fear paralyzes most to not take action on life and create dreams into reality. There is a reason why 87% of people hate their jobs and they spend most of their time at work daydreaming about what they are truly passionate about. 

Top 4 Reason Why People Let Fear Take The Driver Seat In Their Life:

  1. Uncertainty 
  2. Failure
  3. Comfort Zone 
  4. Feeling Judged 

Fear of Uncertainty

Don't Let Fear Control Your Destiny

Don’t let fear control your destiny, but the unknown can be a very scary place. If we have never been somewhere before it could be nerve racking. Imagine the time you were invited either to a social event or someone’s house party or get together and the only person you knew was the host.

Remember the butterflies in your stomach as you approached the entrance and how awkward you felt after entering the establishment. It seems as if everyone else knew each other but you.

If someone did not come up to you and introduce themselves, you’d just stay uncomfortably in some corner away from people avoiding eye contact. 

This is a similar feeling we may get when thinking about doing something that is new and unknown, especially starting a new business with zero business owning experience.

When this happens, fears can creep in and hold you hostage and give you 1001 reasons why you should just stay put where you are and not give it a try. 

I would say that you must force yourself through this feeling and do it anyways, you will thank yourself later in life for having the courage to push through uncertainty.

Fear of Failure 

Don't Let Fear Control Your Destiny

This is the number one reason why most people never pursue their passions and dreams. During most of our life, a lot of us are programmed that failing is bad and that being perfect is good. The reality of it is that no one is perfect and in order to become successful we must fail most of the time in order to achieve success. I 

I know this isn’t the answer most would want to hear, but it’s the truth. If we were to study a lot of successful people, we would come to realize very quickly that many were not born rich or had things handed to them.

They had to work very hard and fail many times and a lot of successful people wanted to give up after failing so many times.

Many who will rise up from the ashes of failure, like a Phoenix rising from it’s ashes reborn and anew, will realize that the wisdom, discernment, care, giving heart, and many other traits that were developed came from failing not succeeding in life. 

Never give up on your dreams and create success, so go start failing now and early so that you can create success, and remember don’t let fear control your destiny.

Staying in a Comfort Zone

Don't Let Fear Control Your Destiny

There is a quote that goes “a comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there” Most of us would like to just sit on the couch, play our favorite video games or binge watch our favorite series on Netflix, and just have success knock on our doors handed to us without work.

Many people don’t want to step into the unknown because it doesn’t feel good when you try something new without knowing the outcome. 

Most of us just choose a path that is easy, with the least amount of learning and resistance, but end up miserable and not accomplished. This can add up and take a toll on our mental and physical health over time. 

“If your goals don’t scare you and excite you at the same time, you are not dreaming big enough” – Bob Proctor.

Go get out there and get comfortable being uncomfortable, and you will thank yourself 30 years from now after you have built your legacy and empire.

Let The Judging Begin

Don't Let Fear Control Your Destiny

We all want to be liked and fit in with the crowd. A lot of times when you are pursuing your dreams and goals, it will go against the “unwritten social guidelines” of your click or group and some will laugh at you and even call you names.

This is the most  crucial and critical time where you will need to stand your ground and resist settling back into the crowd just so you can be like everyone else.

Thing about the analogy of the crabs in a bucket story. When one crab tries to climb out of the bucket, another one grabs it’s leg and pulls it back down so that it stays in the bucket.

Another way of looking at is is that when you are trying to pursue your goals and dreams, it will make others in your group feel weird, so, they’ll try to convince you to stay in the circle or “bucket” and be like them.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but one may need to get a new set of friends that are more like minded and have similar values. 

There is another saying that goes “Your net worth is determined by your network. The people that you hang around are typically alike in many ways including personality, hobbies and financial literacy.

If you want to increase your net worth and grow as a person, then, you will need to hang around people that has similar views.

Final Words

Don't Let Fear Control Your Destiny

If you use these above tips to help you fight your analysis paralysis, you will create the most abundant life beyond your imagination, and be very happy that you did. 

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To great abundance and prosperity…

6 thoughts on “Don’t Let Fear Control Your Destiny”

  1. THE saying Your net worth is determined by your network ha salways been part of me and it felt good that you mentioned it here. it is true that we are programmed that failing is bad and that being perfect is good and this is one impression we must correct if we are to overcome fear

    1. That’s a great saying Lucas and thank you for your kind thoughts on this. I really do appreciate your support. 

  2. What a great post about overcoming your fears and leaving your comfort zone. If anyone needed to read this post it was definitely me. I am getting to a point with my online business that I need to start doing what is more difficult and challenging. This post has offered me a bit of motivation to do it without fear. Thanks so much for posting this!

    1. That is amazing Shyla and I am glad that this post has helped you a bit that means a lot to me. You will for sure get there and we are all human and go through cycles of emotions and fear, but we will overcome any challenge put in our way. Can’t wait to hear more about your successes. Thank you again.

  3. I have to agree- GET OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE! I think too many people are stuck in this motif- and they don’t have to be. This was inspirational and I think you are really on to something here. I think you’re right about the fear of uncertainty – it hold us back. One of my professors said “Imagine what we could accomplish if we just weren’t afraid”. We hold ourselves back- thanks for the wisdom.

    1. Your comments truly mean a lot to me and inspire me to keep going and to keep producing content in hopes of speaking life into people and helping them break-free from the fear so that they can build the life that they want and help serve others as well. Thank you again and to your continued abundant success.

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