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Cash Juice Review

Cash Juice Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

Maybe you have come across Cash Juice from a friend, online, or some other source and you are here to learn more about it and to find out if it’s legit or not. Well..keep on reading discover my take on this system. Here is my take, with my cash juice review.

Website: www.cashjuice.com

: Free to join community and network

Founder: Darren Merrett

Cash Juice Overview

Cash Juice is a community based web presence which allows you to view other people’s websites and offers and present/promote yours as well. This will allow  you to get more traffic to your website and possibly more customers or clients from people that are viewing it.

The purpose of doing this is to attract more followers to your sites and to build your list from people that may be interested in what you have to offer.

This method reminds me of the game I used to play as a kid name “Tag.” The purpose of the game was to find your friends, that were hiding, and if you found them, then you would tap them on the shoulder or arm and yell out “Tag, you’re hit” and then they would become the pursuer and try to find other people to “tag” and so on and so.

You would view people’s sites and once the countdown gets to zero then you can do more, or wait, until people view your site and rinse and repeat.

Cash Juice Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: You can just sign up for an account and get started right away and get hits to your website for free without having to purchase anything.

PRO #2: Easy to use website and loads various pages pretty fast.

PRO #3: You can build community and message people directly with questions, that you may have or with offers you are promoting as an affiliate.

The Bad:

CON #1:  The navigation of the website can be a little confusing, at first, until you get the hang of it and understand what each menu item means. It’s best to click through each item and become very familiar with the purpose of it so that you can get better at navigating the site.

CON #2: Can seem a little spammy if you get a lot of people direct messaging you with their promotions and offers. Also, due to the large amount of people on this network, you may see an increase of website traffic to your site, but many of those people won’t be interested in actually viewing your site, just clicking through to collect points so that they can promote their site. 

Con #3: Due to the website being free, it’s manual work to get hits to your website, but if you are sitting there and don’t have anything to do, then, why not work for what you want.

Con #4: There isn’t a website qualification process so anyone can promote any type of website they want. No way to find out if the site is legit or a scam that is being promoted.

Who Is Cash Juice For?

This would be for anyone that wants to gain website traffic and help others get traffic to their websites as well. Someone who wants to help while receiving support as well.

Also, this would be for people who are new to affiliate marketing and would like to promote various affiliate link offers.

Whether if you are a beginner – just starting out and seeking to learn from A-Z, an intermediate – which has a little more experience, but still needs guidance, or an expert that just want to build more lists, this would be the platform for you.

Cash Juice Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

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The Cash Juice Plan

You will need to sign up for a few traffic exchange websites, also free to sign up, in order to be able to view other people’s websites and get traffic back to your sites.



Cash Juice has email support available for any questions or technical concerns. I have not needed to use this feature personally, so I am unsure about the service and speed of the support.

Tech support

Cash Juice Price

Free to join and you don’t need to upgrade to enjoy the benefits. There is a lifetime, one-time fee, of $29.50 where you can unlock more features over the free account, but it’s not necessary to upgrade if you don’t want to.

Cash Juice Pricing

Cash Juice Pricing

My Final Take

I do believe Cash Juice is worth a try. You do get a free account and can start getting traffic back to your website by viewing other people’s websites in exchange for views to yours. Who knows, you may be one of the lucky ones to get some traffic to your site and possibly make a new customer out of it.

Overall Rank: 3 out of 5



Cash Juice is a legit website and there are many marketers who have created accounts on this platform and some have made good amounts of money here as well. I guess, I can say, don’t knock it until you actually try it. It may or may not be for you but at least you have given it a try.

I will also say that this will take time out of your day to manually review website, in order to gain points, and over time that can add up. If you are someone who wants to try and take shortcuts and get faster results, then, you may want to try this right away, although, there is a good chance that you won’t get results or sales to your affiliate products, just my opinion.

I would say this would not be for you if you prefer brining value to people organically and directly and prefer the slow yet steady approach to building a successful online business.

I would highly recommend the slow and steady method because with anything worth doing, ln life, it’s going to take time, hard-work, dedication, a tolerance for failure after failure for many years before you hit your “gold mine” of success.

I know this isn’t what most people want to hear, but it’s the honest truth and if you were to study successful people, then, you’ll realize very rapidly that this is the approach most of them had to take in order to create success.

There is a saying that goes something to the affect that it takes 5-10 years to become an overnight success.

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