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Band.us Review

Keep reading for a special Band US Review in 2020, a new way to stay connected. Do you feel like the social media that you use is getting tapped out? Are you tired and bored with seeing the same things everyday? Well, no more of that. Today, we are going to review Band.US and how you can use it for building traffic to your affiliate marketing site,  keep on reading..


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Band US Review 2020


Website: band.us

Price: FREE

Created By: Naver Corporation

Overall Rank: 4 out of 5


Band.US Overview

Band.US Review: How To Get Traffic For Affiliate Marketing

Band.US is an online communication platform which allows you to create “Bands” in specific categories and invite people to these Bands to stay up to date on specific topics and news related to that specific band. You can join multiple bands for different niches/topics.

Features of Band.US

  • Announcement
  • Shared Calendar
  • Instant Messaging
  • Getting Feedback
  • Easy Sharing
  • Advanced Management

We will cover each of the above categories below and give a description of what each one can do, so that you can see if Band.US is for you.




Makes it easier to never miss something important from your group. A lot of times you may have multiple methods of communication and that can get hectic trying to check various sources, but with Announcements, everything comes and goes from the same place, so it’s easy and conveniently organized.

Remember those information boards that you could staple paper to about events or things you wanted the public to know about? Well, introducing Band’s community board, similar concept but in a digital format. You can post and add attachments and the information does not vanish, so no worries there.

You know you have friends that say, oh, I never received your message but they are probably ignoring you. Another feature of the announcements is that you can see who has read your post or who hasn’t and you can send reminders to the ones that have not read it as a follow up, so no more excuses of forgetting. You can also set post notifications as important so that show up on top and not get lost in the shuffle.


Shared Calendar


Band.US Review: How To Get Traffic For Affiliate Marketing

This features makes it easy and painless if things come up or change. Also, if you send an event to someone and they cannot make it, you may message them, or a group and inquire as to why they aren’t able to make it.

The shared calendar, on Band, has pretty much everything you need in a calendar feature plus more updated and modern ways to attach files, locations, and much more.


Instant Messaging


Band.US Review: How To Get Traffic For Affiliate Marketing

Nervous about giving out your personal number? Well Band has an instant messaging feature which allows users to communicate with each other in real time.

You have the option to create private or group chats to fit your specific situation at that time. You can also make phone calls with up to 30 people being able to join at once.

Another super great feature of IM is that you can leave quick voice messages if you are not able to type a message back, it’s an easier, faster way of communicating and you can listen to it at your convenience and reply as needed.

Similar to the text option, you can enable read receipt options so that you can see who has read your message or not and follow up with the people who have not read your message.

In case, you are worried about security, Band helps to keep your messages secure and safe.

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Getting Feedback


Band.US Review: How To Get Traffic For Affiliate Marketing

Cool feature, you can collect and get the information you need quickly and efficiently. You can ask questions, in a polling format, and have members vote and come to a consensus on a certain topic.

You can also collaborate with the To-Do list feature as well and share tasks that need to be completed in a timely manner. Also, part of the feedback back package is the sign up feature. Members can sign up for tasks and shifts that are needed with reminders being sent out to the members as well.

Checking in will be a breeze as well, with Band’s check in feature. You can even add a bill split option so there is no more confusion with splitting the bill at restaurants or evening outings.


Easy Sharing


Band.US Review: How To Get Traffic For Affiliate Marketing

What would Band be without a sharing option? Probably just another app. Band has an easy sharing featuring which allows you to share many things such as pictures, videos, files, location and much more.

With the ability to upload up to 100 photos at once, Band makes it easy and convenient to share. You can even categorize your photos for easy reviewing later. Downloading files is as easy as tapping what you need to download and it conveniently goes to your device.

Don’t feel like retyping a masterpiece, you can share content to other Band groups as well and can edit it if needed to tailor to the other group. You can also share contacts as well without needed to copy and paste.

Don’t worry you can do all of this, as well, in the chat feature so that you can share and download what you need on the go.


Advanced Management

Band.US Review: How To Get Traffic For Affiliate Marketing

If you aren’t a talented juggler, then Band has an advancement management feature which allows you to manage multiple groups all in one place.

Need help? You can add co-admins to help you manage your groups to help make your life just that much easier. Get the lemonade and beach chair out. Worried about admins having too much access? No worries, you can limit and restrict to have access to only the important stuff and not everything.

Have some important information you want to get out? You can schedule your messages to publish at a later date, how cool is that?

You may also tailor your notifications to only receive what you want instead of being bombarded with unnecessary distracting pings. Tagging and notifying people can help get their attention for things that is needed ASAP or for just awareness.


Who is Band.US For?

Band is for any business owner that needs an all in one place to keep things simple and organized with communicating with team members or sending out important information. Instead of having to access multiple websites and applications, Band does it all for the busy body entrepreneur.

Band is also for just everyday people that want to connect with others in specific groups/niches and to learn and grow from other people or just having fun as well with seeing what other people are posting in their groups.


Band.US Tools & Training

Band has a learning center with videos and easy to understand content cards that can walk you through different areas of support. The help cards have great visuals embedded as well that shows you where to go and how to access different features and settings.

Also Band has resources in the below areas:

  • Beginners Essentials
  • Principals, Teachers and Administrators
  • Coaches and Team Parent
  • Miscellaneous


Band.US Support

Band has a help chat icon that you can click on and access to find information or if you can’t find what you are looking for you may contact Band by clicking on contact us within the chat box window. After launching the contact us window you can type in what you are looking for and email for support.


My Final Opinion of Band

Band.US Review: How To Get Traffic For Affiliate Marketing

I believe that Band is a great resource for anyone wanting to streamline their team’s communication and task management in one place. With all the features and options of Band, one can use this platform and get rid of many others, saving time and money.

Like I always inform people, try it for yourself and be your own judge.

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