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Here are 8 quick and easy tips to give yourself a raise. How many of you, throughout the years, have come across hundreds of people that have always complained about not having enough money for this and for that?

Maybe you are the one that has been complaining all of these years, but when you really break it down, a TON of everyday civilians spend crazy amounts of money on things that are keeping them from progressing in life.

I’m not just speaking about progression financially, but having a healthy and wealthy bank account can ease stresses and also assist with having a better balanced life mentally, physically, financially, socially and spiritually.

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Here’s How…

Below are just a few of my thoughts and suggestions on how you can get a jumpstart to financial independence. There are many other ways to save money and spend less, but I believe the below examples can help in getting people more on track with their financial goals.

  1. Live below your means
  2. Live on a set budget
  3. Get rid of financial distractions
  4. The use of credit cards
  5. Exercise More
  6. Extra Income suggestions
  7. Healthier Food Investment
  8. Save and invest

Live Below Your Means

I know this is easier said than done, but once you have the mental discipline and really focus on the end result, which is your “why,” then this becomes easier over time. Take an evaluation on everything that you spend money on; focusing on daily, weekly and monthly habits, so you can have a visual of where your money is going.

Live On A Set Budget

8 Quick And Easy Tips To Give Yourself  A Raise

Now, for one of the 8 quick and easy tips to give yourself a raise, take the monies that you are spending and plot them out on a budget sheet (there are tons you can download, for free, on the internet or you can make your own).

Once you have your budget sheet set, ensure you have input everything that you are spending money on. It can be easy to forget a few things, here and there, but it’s critical that you are tracking everywhere your money is going.

Ensure you also jot down your monthly net income (the amount of money one takes home after taxes are subtracted; typically from being an employee and having a W2 at the end of the year), then comes the fun part.

You should start subtracting all of your monthly expenses from your net income and see how much money you have left over for the month. If you are in the positive, with hundreds of dollars left over, congratulation!!

You are one of the “odd ducks”, in the American population, living below your means. If you break even, then, also congrats on being one of the few and rare that isn’t over spending each month, but you still have some work to do.

Now, if you are reading this and can relate with the majority of the American population, you are living above your means and are in the negative each month, over spending and racking up endless debt.

Get Rid Of Financial Distractions

8 Quick And Easy Tips To Give Yourself  A Raise

Look at where some of your spending is going. This is another one of the 8 quick and easy tips to give yourself a raise, that you don’t really need to spend money on. I know, before getting on a budget, I was spending at least $200, per month, on just fast food. Once I got on a budget,

I got rid of that very quickly and was happy to see extra money sitting in my account. Another area, you can trim down on, is on that $200 cable bill, I know there is that 1 TV show you must watch every week, but there are other methods to stream shows without making your wallet very sad.

I also would recommend if you eat fast food every day, that’s an easy $200-$300 right there that you can save per month.

I would recommend going to a grocery store, on a weekly basis, and buy food to cook or prep for an entire week. Save eating out, for on the weekends, or just reduce it to 1-2 times a week.

Also, when shopping at the grocery store, keep yourself on a budget as well so you don’t over spend on unhealthy snacks and soda, you crave, versus the stuff that you actually need. That’ll be a very significant amount of savings.

I know this also can be a hard reality to accept, but if you really want to get ahead and start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s worth every second of your time.

If you would want to have your future self, find a Delorean with a flux capacitor and go 88 mph, to travel back in time just to come back and thank you for setting yourself up for a healthy financial future, then I think it’ll be worth a shot to at least think about.

I still know people that need to have name brand clothes and shoes. You can go to a retailer and spend $20-$30 on a pair of jeans, that are still comfortable and a good quality brand.

Even if the brand isn’t well-known, your pocket book will still thank you. Paying for a name brand may cost you up to $100 per pair, or even more, and that my friends… is very INSANE!!

If you have any other “financial distractions” get rid of them, such as, but not limited to, monthly magazine or newspaper subscriptions.

You can get all the information you need online and it’ll be free and more up to date. Maybe switch to a cell phone carrier, that is local and cheaper in price, that can fulfill you and your family’s needs without sacrificing much data or calling.

I know every household has individual situations and needs, but many can relate to the above situations. If you tally it up all the unnecessary costs, that can be a whooping $400 + in savings per month.

I do know there are many more ways to save money, so if anyone wants to suggest ideas or provide feedback, feel free and post a comment.

Credit Card Usage

Credit cards are not bad if you use them correctly, as Uncle Ben once said, “with great power, comes great responsibility.” With this reference to one of the 8 quick and easy tips to give yourself a raise, I like to use them due to some of the perks and points you get by using them. What gives credit cards a bad rep, is that people use them as if they are free cash machines that spew out free money and that money doesn’t need to be paid back.

If you use a credit card, just to make monthly payments on it, not only are you putting yourself in debt, but that also comes with a ridiculously high interest rate and you will end up paying more money for a product or service than the original cost.

What typically would cost $20 you’d be paying $30 for it due to the high interest rate. If you do use credit cards, I would high suggest that you use them as debit cards and not as a credit card.

Set a specific amount to use, let’s say $100 per month in credit card purchases, but also make sure you have that money in your checking account to pay it off fully every month. If you need more clarification on this, just contact me, using the form on this website and I’ll do my best to try to explain this better

Exercise More

You don’t need a gym membership to get fit. Cancel your monthly gym membership and workout at home. There are plenty of different types of muscle building, cardio burning workouts you can do right from the comfort of your home.

Add this recommendation to one of the 8 quick and easy tips to give yourself a raise. You can go online and find tons of free workout videos to use for inspiration. Meditation is also a practice to develop a habit for.

Extra Income Suggestions

8 Quick And Easy Tips To Give Yourself  A Raise

Turn your unproductive time into productive time. Instead of being glued to the TV soaking, on the couch in your own sweat wasting away, invest that time to help benefit yourself and possibly others.

Think about starting a small business of your own. I have an amazing side business, along with writing blogs, that I am building, on the side, that has taught me a lot about self-discipline, time management, integrity, developing of my character internally and externally, developing multiple assets, becoming a better version of myself, and much more.

Every day, thousands of people have amazing ideas, when it comes to inventing, but never do anything about it. Do some research and see how you can try to market your idea, you never know, maybe your idea can make you tons of residual income.

Also, host rummage sales and get rid of all the stuff that is collecting dust, in your house, that you don’t need anymore. Try not to sell any antiques that could possibly be worth great deals of money.

We have all seen those TV shows where someone randomly goes to a rummage sale and buys a painting for $1, but come to find out, it’s a missing piece of history that is worth tens of thousands of dollars, if not millions.

Healthier Food Investment

I would suggest using some of the extra cash, that you have saved from not buying junk food and snacks, and start to invest in buying healthier food options. Your body will thank you in the long run.

For example, I would say buy ground turkey instead of ground beef, if you are a meat eater. It’s a healthier option and has less fat.

Also, be sure to read the labels, of the meat you are buying, and check to see that it clearly state no antibiotics or growth hormones used. I would also recommend buying food, with ingredients you can say and pronounce, and are very minimal.

Yes, it’s a bit more expensive and time-consuming, but when you actually think about it, it’ll save you more in the long run. If you develop health problems, from not eating correctly, you may need to have more doctor visits, and need to be put on, possibly, multiple medications to help with the health problems that have developed over time, due to the lack of proper nutrition. Adding those two situations up can get very expensive very quickly.

Save And Invest

8 Quick And Easy Tips To Give Yourself  A Raise

Now, with all the cash you are saving, make those savings work for you instead of you constantly working for it. I would highly suggest learning how to invest.

Unfortunately, this tactic has not been taught to many of us in school, bummer I know, but you can easily learn and start to grow that nest egg even larger than what you have been able to accomplish with all of that saving you are doing now.

There are many ways to invest, and not I am not a financial adviser, so I am not advising you on anything specifically, but below are some ideas that you can start to research on your own and see which vehicle best fits your current situation.

  • Invest in Tax Liens
  • Buy a rental property single family or multifamily
  • Use a whole life insurance policy as a banking system and earn compounding interest on your money
  • Stocks, Bonds and ETFs
  • Put money in gold and silver to protect you against inflation
  • Start a small business and invest your money into growing it

Side note, just remember, that whenever you decide to invest into anything, it does come with risk and you can lose your money, but don’t let that keep you down from taking a risk in life. Life is about taking risks and growing from them.

I started to teach myself on how to invest into ETFS, real estate and business, and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to develop the needed skills to be savvy in investing.

8 Quick And Easy Tips To Give Yourself  A Raise

Instead of watching mind-numbing videos on the internet, I would recommend watching educational videos on how to invest wisely, read online articles on investing and other areas of interest, join forums or groups that focus on these areas as well.

Also, while driving in your car, instead of blasting music trying to show off that sound system and compete with other motorist on who can annoy the most people within a 20-foot radius, try to listen to educational audios to help you learn and better yourself with investing or other areas of interest.

There are other ways to invest in yourself as well, but these are just some suggestions that are easy to start and doesn’t need much maintenance. You will progress, over time, with areas that interest you the most.

Well, I hope some of these tips helped out a bit, and will inspire you to start thinking about what you can do now, in order to ensure you have a healthy and wealthy future ahead of yourself.

4 thoughts on “8 Quick And Easy Tips To Give Yourself A Raise (Without Asking Your Boss)”

  1. All the tips you provide in your article are great, I absolutely agree with your take on savings, investing, etc. Credit cards are an invention to rip people off their money because people don’t have control over how much they spent. It’s ridiculous how much in debt people are. 
    I’d love to have some properties for rental but that’s my future dream, I can’t get a mortgage as a freelancer now. 
    Thanks for educating people on how to deal with money, it’s so necessary.

    1. Thank you for your reply Lenka. I do appreciate it. Regarding rental properties, you can partner with people who have the credit/W2 income and partner as a Joint Venture. Or you can use a concept called OPM = other people’s money, to where you can find the property and bring it to someone who has the money and you can negotiate getting equity in the deal but congrats on being a freelancer and controlling your time 🙂

  2. Some great tips here, thanks!

    Ever since I set a budget for myself, calculating what bills needed paying first and then what I had left was for spending/saving, it has been so much easier to keep a track of my finances.

    I even opened a separate bank account to transfer a set amount into each month for spending, so that I know I’ll always have enough to cover the bills and not overspend on the fun stuff.

    Credit cards are a good way to build your credit score, but only if you pay the balance in full every month. That’s how I use my credit cards. As I do pay my credit card bill in full every month, I was even able to successfully apply for a 26 month 0% interest credit card to treat myself to a new guitar! Splitting the cost over 26 months made things much easier, and not a penny of interest to pay!

    You really do need to make sure you can afford to do this though, and as you say, don’t treat credit cards as free money!

    If I can afford to do so, I also choose to pay for things upfront, rather than pay monthly with added interest. In the long run, you can make some good savings. 

    1. Wow! This is amazing Chris. Thank you for letting me know your awesome blueprint. I think if more people start to gain financial literacy, it will help with people not being in debt so much and having control of the time and finances. 

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